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A Proposal For a Just Population Control 11/15/2008

A Proposal for a just population control.

The population is continuously increasing and this planet is becoming too small to sustain it.  Since the dream of finding another planet is unrealistic, we have to figure out an ideal population limit that will enable stability on this planet and then act on it.

Pimentel et al.  reported that between 1955 and 1995, one third of the world’s cultivatable land has become infertile by erosion. This affects more than 10 million hectares of land every year and is steadily increasing. An alarming rate of fall in food production per capita is highlighted by the fact that world population increases by 1 million every 4 days.  It is clear that we cannot take care of an aging population by disrupting nature’s stability.  Even though distribution of food and not production seems to be the problem at the moment.  The human capacity for distribution is a cultural issue and the need for a balance with nature is immense.

There is no consensus as yet on an ideal human world population.  “The right to have  children” perceived by many people as the reason for our existence is almost an unquestionable law.  Few researchers are involved in discussions concerning this issue and are working on figures around 2.5 and 6 or 7 billion, as presented in more detail in the book titled “Swan Song”.

The question is “How can a realistic population control be achieved in peace?”    Let us assume that a consensus for reducing or stabilizing population has been reached after agreeing on keeping the population at 7 billion or reducing it to 5 or 2.5 billion or any other number.  Then how will we stabilize the world population? By overcoming racism and speciesizm. By concentrating on balance with nature and taking responsibility.

If we want our proposals to be realistic and just rather than utopian, we have to make sure that the new consensus ground has to be simple and address all world citizens.   Briefly, the following is proposed as a universal law of  common sense:

Every person should have a right to only one child.  Therefore a couple can have at most 2 children.  Having more than two children would be seen as a violation of common resources.  Rewarding those who waive their right for a child and imposing economic penalties /offering bonuses for those not observing the limit is the simplest and most fair approach.  Free market economy will regulate the population market with this equation.

If an agreement can be reached on this common sense constitution as an instrument, penal conditions and government watch can implement a common  strategy in order to continue the existence of our species and not consume our environment rather than a world resembling Orwell’s fiction.  After adequate education and discussions, this equation can lead us in the desired direction with economic measures that can vary from country to country.

Presentation for Sasbil 21/Nov/2008 Yeditepe Univ.Istanbul


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