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War is Forbidden! 8/15/2008

War is forbidden! Leaders and generals  may wrestle when they disagree

Saying war is forbidden is not enough, I’ll have to explain it in a way the slowest human can understand.  It won’t be forbidden because I say so, of course, but because our Common Sense will tell us.

At the very least bombing will be forbidden within ten years.  Since we’re not a very bright species,we’ll go on using firearms for a while longer.  But although slow and dull, we will get it, no doubt about that!  When bombing others is forbidden maybe our leaders  will start wrestling each other – that would be fun.  We could all go watch and when one busts the other’s nose we could decide on the winner. If someone dies, then at least he will do so in an environmentally acceptable way.     Our ancestors did that until firearms were invented and fairness flew out the window.

I like the way the Turkish leaders are trying to avoid war through the use of diplomacy in the current crisis.  A small new state called Israel invaded a neighboring country because two Israeli soldiers were captured recently.  A large and relatively new country called USA bombed Iraq, causing the death of over 700,000, according to an article in the serious publication Lancet.

I am sure that within ten years these bombings will end worldwide.  It will be viewed as a phase in our civilization.

Not because we’re all humanists – we are not.  We’re a species that tends to believe we’re humanists in our self-aggrandizement.  At best we’re indulging in pseudo humanism.   We’ll stop using bombs within our atmosphere because we are selfish!  I have been working on inverse climate and air pollution and on population problems and soil erosion for over 30 years.  It took a long time for me to understand the topic I’m writing about.  When we digest some basic scientific facts we’ll all recognize that we simply do not have the luxury to drop bombs – at least not within this atmosphere. I guess female humans  will understand this first and they will see to it that males understand it.

For thousands of years the atmospheric CO2 rate was around 250-280ppm (parts per million). In the 1950s we reached 320 ppm and now we’re at 380 ppm. And we raise this with each bomb we detonate! It raises around 2 ppm per year and we can assume that our energy consumption will double within the coming decades  – we will simply have to change our ways.

Many scientists believe that 450ppm is a level we should not test.  Have I been able to make myself clear?  If not, please do read a bit more on this subject.

Why do you think over 500,000 Californians have left their homes?  Because of the fire.  And why a fire this size?  Why do you think so many humans are dying from climate catastrophes, hurricanes ?  Because of the effects of global warming, which to a definitive portion are man-made.

Bombing is forbidden and we haven’t got much time to grasp this!  Don’t think global warming is a joke.  It would be naïve to believe that Bush will be imprisoned for the bombing, but within ten years even an American president won’t get away with it.  Our selfish common sense will make the difference.


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